The Art of Happiness

Pendragan Design are two artisan makers, Penny & Dragan, who happen to be husband and wife. We write, paint, carve, perform, film, photograph, sew and bake things. Sometimes, we sell things. Often, we teach others the skills to create things of their own. We are never happier than when we are making something beautiful.


Sapele wood board for playing go, with real pebbles.

Art of Goban is the Etsy shop showcasing our hand-made go boards. You will find painting, needlecraft, filming, photography and magic in our studio too.


Because good reads are getting harder to find.

Pendragan Publishing offers adult fiction, children’s books, philosophy and baking.


Baking in a wood fired bread & pizza oven.

The Artisan Bakery School offers courses at all levels, online and in person.


Pendragan Design is the home of independent artisans Penny & Dragan.

Your ideas?

If you like something you see here, or are interested in our courses, please do get in touch. We are happy to discuss commissions for bespoke creations.


dragan@pendragan.com / penny@pendragan.com

Old Home Cottage, Sparkwell, Devon, England PL7 5DQ