Artificial Stupidity

You’re smarter than you think! Dragan’s new book came out in March, replete with provocative illustrations of the traps we fall into when we believe every thought that crosses our minds, making us artificially stupid when we are all, by nature, intelligent. Do read it and let us know what you think! Have you everContinue reading “Artificial Stupidity”

New from The Art of Goban

The latest offering in our Art of Goban store on Etsy, finally completed after months of patient making, follows the successful sale of our largest goban to a client in Beijing. Dragan’s passion for the game of go was born when he first started playing in Oxford Go Club, having moved to England from YugoslaviaContinue reading “New from The Art of Goban”

The Microbakery Blueprint

This book is a practical guide to turning your bread-making into a successful microbakery business. Focusing on Dragan and Penny’s start-up bakery in the tiniest house in Oxford, UK, and going on to the success of The Artisan Bakery School in Devon, The Microbakery Business Blueprint gives all the nitty-gritty details of running a bakingContinue reading “The Microbakery Blueprint”

Baking Real Sourdough Bread

Wild sourdough magic at your fingertips! No fresh or quick yeast, only natural leaven, flour, water and salt. (Please note that all the measurements are in grams, ounces and cups – Celsius and Fahrenheit) Written by two passionate artisan bakers and teachers, this book dispels the myth that sourdough is difficult and time-consuming to make.Continue reading “Baking Real Sourdough Bread”

Artisan Bread for Beginners

Aspiring artisan home bakers can achieve impressive results producing great looking and tasting breads. The secret is in a process called retardation – or ‘slo-mo’dough. This book shows you how to use your fridge so you can fit baking authentic artisan bread into even the most hectic lifestyle. Please note that all the measurements areContinue reading “Artisan Bread for Beginners”

The Cricket’s Winter Song

In this beautifully illustrated fresh slant on the classic fable of the cricket and the ant, there are twists and turns aplenty on our journey right into the mysterious City of the Ants. Charlie the chirpy cricket and Arthur the hard-working ant are like chalk and cheese; the question is, will their differences unite them,Continue reading “The Cricket’s Winter Song”