Artificial Stupidity

You’re smarter than you think!

Dragan’s new book came out in March, replete with provocative illustrations of the traps we fall into when we believe every thought that crosses our minds, making us artificially stupid when we are all, by nature, intelligent. Do read it and let us know what you think!

Have you ever wanted to kick yourself for doing or saying something stupid, or because your life just never seems to work out the way you hope?
The truth is, you are not alone. We are all prone to a special type of ‘stupidity’ that is not in our genes, not a defect or an illness to cure. It is something artificial that we acquire and therefore, something we can get rid of.
If computers are fed poor information, or their software is glitchy, they will NOT demonstrate Artificial Intelligence, but Artificial Stupidity instead; dubious conclusions, implausible modelling, recurrent crashes. 
Humans are no different in this regard. Our failure to examine the assumptions, prejudices and beliefs that we choose – and have chosen for us – from the moment we are born, leads us into poor choices, harmful behaviours and unfulfilled potential. Fuelled by the mainly subconscious clashes between fear, desire and reason, it’s not surprising we often end up feeling and looking pretty ‘stupid’.
This concise, powerful book reveals how you can free yourself of all that baggage, by learning how to ask (and answer) certain questions.

  • Why do we deceive and self-sabotage ourselves?
  • What mechanism lies behind repeating the same old mistakes?
  • Why do we quarrel with reality, with others, with ourselves?
  • Why do we focus on trivia and ignore the essential things in life?
  • What are biases and how do they make us blind?
  • What is the difference between a belief, a thought and an emotion?
  • What makes us poison ourselves with drugs, alcohol, opioids?
  • Do you know what you really believe, not what you think you believe?

Dragan Matijevic, an NLP trainer, qualified counsellor and hypnotherapist, shines a rare light on our inner landscape. Guided by his insight, exercises and techniques, you will be equipped to investigate what is going on inside your mind, your body and your heart, and how to liberate and make the most of your natural intelligence.
Whatever you may think, you’re smarter than you think you are!


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