Insights into the Invisible

What happens in our own minds and hearts is often quite mysterious to us. We don’t know why we feel or think what we do, or even why we make certain decisions. Yet this invisible domain of our inner world is where everything that really matters happens. If we want to change ourselves, or change our lives, we first have to look into the invisible. ‘Insights into the Invisible’ is an indispensable atlas for anyone wishing to explore their inner world. Lavishly illustrated with original photographic art, it offers clear and simple explanations of the thoughts, emotions and beliefs that form our inner landscapes and drive our personal weather systems. Here are some of the main questions we answer in this book:* What is belief? How do our beliefs affect our thoughts, emotions and actions?* What are emotions and how do we heal our emotional wounds?* How do we avoid repeating the same old mistakes?* Why do we identify with our thoughts and even our possessions?* What is awareness and what does it have to do with our personality?* What is motivation and how do we clarify what we really want?* How do we align our beliefs with our action?Insights into the Invisible helps people navigate their once uncharted waters. It stimulates self-reflection and builds up our picture of the pure and constant awareness that lies behind every thought or belief we have ever entertained. The final chapters offer practical meditation exercises to help develop the inner skills that we so badly need in today’s fast-changing world.Once we can navigate our inner world, our journey through the material world will be infinitely more successful, because our actions will become fully aligned with our deepest beliefs.

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