Rebel Rabbit: A Legend is Born

RR Cover NEW

He’s a lone stranger on a secret mission, a new face in the forest, a threat to the powers that be. And he’s a rabbit! A rabbit with a magic and sometimes deadly touch. Wherever Sunny goes, villainous beasts seem to drop dead of their own accord, which means that in the Kingdom of Satyria, Sunny makes enemies as fast as he makes friends. As Sunny faces bigger challenges, and bigger beasts, from day to day, he needs all the help he can get. Can the rabbit outwit the wicked Lord Trixalot the Fox? Will he sort out Duke Grumpo the Bear, or even King Sharleman the Lion? It’s down to our floppy-eared hero to save Satyria from their deadly grip. Somehow!

Age Level: 5 – 11

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