Rebel Rabbit – The Great Escape

RRcover2 copy

Part II of the Rebel Rabbit Trilogy

“A wild ride and an hilarious read for anyone who loves a hero with a massive heart.”
A magician by trade and a king by accident, Sunny the Rebel Rabbit is back to defend his friends, this time against the wicked plans of the NET, an evil organisation whose name stands for Never Ending Tyranny!
When Leo Ratello, the rock star rat, asks Sunny to help him save the city sewer rats from the poisonous plans of the NET, it all seems simple enough. Just a harmless visit to the magnificent gorilla Queen Shamba, to ask her to grant the rats new lands to live in. But the NET have ears everywhere, and no intention of letting the rats escape the sewers. Events spiral into a whirlwind of daring adventures and heroic endeavours, building up to the epic battle for the Ifflands, for freedom and for hope itself.

Publication Date: 29 April 2015 | Age Level: 5 – 11

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