Wild sourdough magic at your fingertips! No fresh or quick yeast, only natural leaven, flour, water and salt.
(Please note that all the measurements are in grams, ounces and cups – Celsius and Fahrenheit)

Written by two passionate artisan bakers and teachers, this book dispels the myth that sourdough is difficult and time-consuming to make. It shows how to fit regular baking into even the craziest lifestyle by using an ordinary fridge and the principle of retardation – or ‘slo-mo’ dough.

Packed with clear explanations and helpful photographs the book shows:

* The Seven Steps to creating truly exceptional artisan loaves

* Three detailed schedules to manage your time for effortless baking

* How to create, manage and maintain a wild yeast leaven

* How to choose and use the best flours

* The secrets of long fermentation

* Tips on improving the look, taste and texture of your loaves.

* Insights on managing the three T’s: Timing, Temperature and Technique

* How to bake sourdough that tastes the way you want it to – from milky to truly tart

* Includes original recipes from The Artisan Bakery School.

A handbook for anyone reaching for a real life-skill.

Publication Date: 15 Jan. 2014