Artisan Bread for Beginners


Aspiring artisan home bakers can achieve impressive results producing great looking and tasting breads. The secret is in a process called retardation – or ‘slo-mo’dough. This book shows you how to use your fridge so you can fit baking authentic artisan bread into even the most hectic lifestyle.

Please note that all the measurements are in grams, ounces and cups – Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Artisan Bread for Beginners includes:

* Our proven Seven Steps method for reliable results every time

* Illustrations of all the steps, backed up with clear explanations

* Insights into the three Ts: timing, temperature and technique

* Tips on improving the look, taste and texture of your loaves.

* Ideas for using fruits, nuts and seeds to create an impressive selection of wonderful, original breads

* Original recipes developed by The Artisan Bakery School

A handbook for anyone reaching for a real life-skill.

Publication Date: 15 Jan. 2014

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